Monday, January 10, 2011

Seth's Lifebook

Seth is almost 4 and I have been trying to make a lifebook for him since he's been home. I just get so overwhelmed by telling his story in a child's way.

I'm reading a book called "20 Things Adoptive Parents Need to Succeed" by Sherrie Eldridge. It has been really eye opening about adoption from the child's point of view. I am reminded of the importance of telling Seth his story. That way he will hopefully feel comfortable talking to us about his adoption and asking us questions. Sherrie talks about the fairy tales that many adoptive parents have. One being that if my child doesn't ask about being adopted then he must not have any questions. Seth's lifebook will be his to look through as much as he wants. I will make a more detailed book for him when he is older.

My goal is to have it finished for him by his birthday. I finished typing the story tonight and just need to tweak it. Then I'm going to put it on different pages with pictures. I'm so thankful to have pictures of Seth's birth mom. She's holding him when he was 10 days old. I hope that will help him understand that she loved him and was just doing what was best for him. I would love for him to be able to meet her again one day when he is older.

The book that I am using as my guide is "Lifebooks" by Beth O'Malley.

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  1. actually his birth mum wasnt doing what was best for him - that would have been staying with her - rather she was doing the only thing she felt she could do. i know, we have a son who was adopted from overseas and we have located & met his birth mother & family and are in continuing contact . . . be careful - the idea that what she did this was in his best interests IS a fairy tale and one day he WILL know this, dont deny it and with any luck he mayu continue to talk to you about his feelings . . .